Captured by the monsters of the Sands Dastan has been delivered to Nizam and imprisoned in the catacombs.
  Dastan must escape by getting the dagger and freeing the Princess

Recreate the action and adventure of The Prince of Persia video game with this ultimate modular collector Serie! The palace has many very realistic sets designed to scale figurines, moving parts, characters and accessories inspired by the mythic video games. Harrows, flames, fights, traps, jumping, climbing, secret passage, saving point, flying carpets, ... and more!
Jump in the heart of the incredible adventures of Dastan in reliving the mythical game scenes
and the duel with Nizam who will decide the fate of Alamut!

• Included 22 figures!
• Fly to the rescue of Princess Tamina held prisoner, and run away by the secret door
• Use the removable stairs and climb walls to access to secret rooms
• Avoid the trap thatNizam  store for you throughout your journey.
• Confront the army of skeletons and the palace guards
• Overs 3000 parts !
• The unit is adjustable (modular) for better gameplay and is over 32 cm wide, 27cm deep and 88cm high

  Level in the Moc: -2
Number of Rooms: 3
Number of enemies: 4 skeletons, spiders, scorpions, snakes, rats...
Dastan Status: Unarmed Shirtless  


- ROOM 1-

Description: The door is ordered, Dastan must fight skeletons, jump over the spikes, hang on to the chain
  and climb up onto the platform.  There he found a Crystal regenerating him for one points (out of 10)

-ROOM 2-


Description: Dastan must jump to reach the second platform! Be careful to anticipate the movement of axes and jump at the right time  otherwise we fall ensured in the snake pit. If you drop a passage from room 2 to room 1 allows him to try his luck.
On arrival at the second gateway, an apple gives you 2 points.

-ROOM 3-

Description: Once on the second gateway Dastan must jump from column to column to reach the opening in clinging to the wooden platform Be careful not to fall in the underground river that will cause your immediate death
Also avoid the flames that spring to fall for you column!

  Level in the Moc: -1
Number of Rooms: 3
Number of enemies: 0
  Dastan Status: Dressed

-ROOM 4-


Description: Arriving on the platform, Dastan must jump over the pit! Be careful not to fall and get cut by the rotating blade.Once completed the jump, watch the sequence of the flames to pass into the next room!

-ROOM 5-


Description: Once the flames crossed the dam, Dastan must be wary of spades out of the ground. Once again it will monitor the sequence of slides to clear the obstacle! Note that since this room, a panorama of the rooms 1, 2 and 3 is offered to him!

-ROOM 6-


  Description: Arrived in the guard room, Dastan find his swords. A ladder leading to a hatch for access to tertiary education.

-ROOM 7-

Description: Check in the main corridor of the palace through a hatch concealed under a carpet.
The hourglass control mechanism allows the cutting wheel to access futher.
A crystal expecting the prince (even if not deserved?)

-ROOM 8-



Description: From the other side of the aisle, Dastan met a friend who watches the guards for him when he passes the large barrier (unable to cross) at the end of the corridor, nothing Ormis a trapdoor that allows it to return to Room 4.
Mind to the guillotine and the ax could cut the prince to pieces!
Once again, an hourglass can temporarily block these traps!

-ROOM 9-


Description: Once the cutting wheel temporarily neutralized, Dastan faces its first Palace Guard.
. This one did not look comfortable. From there he will either go to the next level up the ladder or walking on the terrace.

-ROOM 10-


Description: Want to enjoy the view? Warning, 3 guards and a skeleton ensure the serenity of Nizam and will not tolerate any intruders!   Since this place for you to discover the removable staircase leads you to a secret room!
Be careful not to be seen by the guard flying carpet!

-ROOM 11-




Description: Please sync! p Enjoy the movement of steps in the wall to gain altitude!
  Above, a guard protecting a secret room. You'll find food, what you give 5 points. The bonus: a lever that allows you to operate the gate of the main entrance and cause trouble with the guards!

  Level in the Moc: 1
Number of Rooms: 2 rooms:
  Number of enemies: a guard and a sand monster
State Dastan: armed

-ROOM 12-


  Description: Arriving by the scale from the room 9, a guard waiting for a new confrontation Nizam!

-ROOM 13-


Description: Beware of the sand monster, that it protects a very important room. Indeed, once felled, Dastan will save his way into the game by placing his hand over the terminal.

  Level in the Moc: 2
Number of Rooms: 4 rooms:
  Number of enemies: a guard and a monster of sand, a super assassin trained
State Dastan: armed

-ROOM 14-


Description: From the terrace Dastan can have a beautiful view over the terrace and on the palace.
He will attempt the jump to the top of the column of the fountain? The barrier seems already endomagée ....
However, the jump would be fatal since the start area ....
All he has left to face the guard to pass in the next room!

-ROOM 15-




Description: While a chain hang, Dastan will jump over the spikes to reach the back of the room.
  The wall seems weird ... a little pressure and voila opens access to a secret room!

-ROOM 16-


Description: The training room to fight!
An assassin waits Dastan super trained to compete with it. Make your choice of weapons and battle in the middle of this setting which offers a breathtaking view of the palace courtyard Attention, each blows that murderers will cost you 2 life! From this room a jump on the column of the fountain is possible but dangerous. ;)

-ROOM 17-


Description: The rest room will be available after confronting the mighty killer climbing the balcony.
  In this room unexceptional except for a little kitten which suggests that this is the room of a princess!At the end of the game you can always back the princess in his quarters, but after you leave the frame! :mrgreen:So back on your steps towards room 15 to mount the chain in Room 18

Level in the Moc: 3
Number of Rooms: 3 rooms:
  Number of enemies: a guard and the end of level Boss aka Nizam '
State Dastan: armed and super risen! :mrgreen:

-ROOM 18-


Description: Once at the top of the chain, a monster of sand await you.
Feel free to fight, it blocks access to the essential end of the game

-ROOM 19-



Desctiption: Here we are, the famous "monster end of level" that everyone was waiting!
Nizam is the last obstacle to your quest! S Be sure you have collected enough crystals to combat this terrible tyrant!
The fight scene takes place in the most beautiful scenery of moc but certainly one of the most dangerous under the eyes of the frightened princess! Beware of falling.   Even if there are "taken" on the walls and a small ledge to catch up, Nizam will not pity you!
  In a burst of gameplay you can feel grow wings and jump from the terrace on the rear carpet ride. This trick will allow you to go to the distant horizon accompanied by the princess and her cat!

-ROOM 20-



Finally, here you are with the princess. This one will tell you she is extremely grateful that you came to his rescue. Of course she will say where the dagger is hidden and if all goes well, perhaps she asked for news of her cat! :mrgreen:
You just no longer has direct you to the dagger in a final effort

-ROOM 21-



You can manage to climb to the highest part of the palace to finally release the dagger from its base and remove the curse that ruled Alamut '

  CONGRATULATIONS you have just finished Prince of Persia Nizam Palace, if you play well, you can leave carpet ride the arm of the princess and her cat and you'll be greeted as a hero to all the people of Alamut. If so, you just build more than to the further adventures of Prince of Persia!


coming soon ....

I hope you have enjoyed the full view of this moc,

LegoManiac, Prince of Persil !