Here is my entry for the L13 summer Edition : "First Contact"

Panic on the planet GLU-TRON3. While energy resources are running on their planet, a delegation decided to send a reconnaissance craft off in search of their valuable "energy". Inhabitants of a land too arrid, wheat protein called GLUTEN main source of their food, can no longer be cultivated.
Observing the Earth for years, they chose the depths of Texas for the weather patterns similar to their planet.
As they approach the Earth's atmosphere, their ship suffered a technical failure after several hundred years of travel in the cosmos without any problems.
After a forced aterrisage but more or less successful, the pilot in the cockpit is locked prison lazy. His companions then decided to go for help.
Luckily at that time Bill Wintershield returned fields. Accustomed to this way, Bill did not pay attention to what is happening around him and sees, too late unfortunately, the alien in the middle of the road trying to wave to the driver.
This is the true story of first contact between an alien and a human pick-up.



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