Yeah, another big Moc !
This moc has been build for the Brick Architecte Contest 2010

The subject : Family Home
Dead line 1st January 2011
Results January 11 2011

Here is my entry and lots of pic of the Wip :





Some details now :

fh1__4_ fh1__5_ fh1__6_

fh1__7_ fh1__8_ fh1__9_

fh1__10_ fh1__11_ fh1__12_

fh1__13_ fh1__14_ fh1__15_

fh1__16_ fh1__17_ fh1__18_

fh1__19_  fh1__20_ fh1__21_

fh1__22_ fh1__23_ fh1__24_

fh1__25_ fh1__26_ fh1__27_

fh1__28_ fh1__29_ fh1__30_

fh1__31_ fh1__32_ fh1__33_

fh1__34_ fh1__35_ fh1__38_

fh1__37_ fh1__36_fh1__39_